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Couples/Relationship Therapy

When you decided to commit to a relationship with your parter or partners, you may have had visions of "happily ever after" as is often promoted in the media. What is not frequently discussed, is the amount of effort it can take to make that relationship work. You and your partner(s) may occasionally disagree or struggle with seeing eye to eye on some things. That's where we can help. Therapy can help you learn to communicate effectively with your partner(s), paving the way for a fulfilling, mutually beneficial relationship.

You don't have to be at wits end to benefit from therapy services. Our couples therapy services are designed to help partners work through problems and improve their communication and overall relationship. We offer a safe and supportive environment for couples to explore their feelings and concerns. Our therapists are trained to work with couples of all backgrounds and orientations, including polyamorous and LGBTQIA+ couples.

Myth: Couples therapy is a last ditch effort to save a relationship before it ends. 

Fact: While the stereotype persists that couples counseling is only for partners whose relationship is struggling to survive, the truth is that all types of couples can benefit. Couples therapy is an invaluable tool to help a relationship grow and expand. If you and your partner(s) are madly in love or get along without issue, working with a counselor can deepen your connection even more. Of course, a therapist can also help people in distressed relationships. One of the most common benefits recognized, is that it can help promote healthy communication, which is one of the leading causes of relational stress.


Benefits of couples/relationship counseling

Some of the benefits to counseling include:

  • Builds and improves healthy communication: Communication is essential to a healthy relationship, but not everyone knows how to express their thoughts and feelings appropriately. We can offer skills that help you and your partner(s) share concerns and emotions without fear of judgment.

  • Creates a safe space and helps build trust: Even the happiest couples will face challenges in life, such as infertility, mental health concerns, traumatic events, life transitions, and financial issues. We can help guide you through these obstacles with tools you can use throughout your relationship and other area of life. 

  • Can help with conflict resolution: Conflict is an inevitable part of life that we cannot avoid no matter how much we try. Knowing how to work through and solve disagreements is another secret to a fulfilling and sustainable relationship.

  • Can enhance intimacy

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